Timer is still firing after Clicking on other Links in GWT


So I have a timer and it keeps on firing even though I cleared the Panel and loaded other model... my question is, how to cancel a timer when I unload a model?

So here is part of my code

public Display(List<Clarification> result) { if (result.size() == 0) { Window.alert("EMPTY"); } else { RootPanel.get("Dev1").clear(); t = new Timer() { public void run() { cd = new ClarificationDispatcher(); cd.getClarificationsCount(result.size()); } }; t.scheduleRepeating(5000);


I tried to cancel the Timer onUnload() method however, I don't believe it is getting called at all...



<h3>Steps to follow</h3> <ul><li>use window.onunload event that is called when page is refreshed</li> <li>first export cancelTimer() method to java script using JSNI and register cancelTimerFunction as java script function that is called on page unload</li> <li>cancel timer on window close</li> </ul>


import com.google.gwt.user.client.Timer; import com.google.gwt.user.client.Window; private static Timer timer = null; public void onModuleLoad() { exportCancelTimer(); final Label label = new Label("Hello "); timer = new Timer() { @Override public void run() { label.setText("Hello " + Math.random() * 100); } }; timer.scheduleRepeating(500); RootPanel.get().add(label); Window.addCloseHandler(new CloseHandler<Window>() { @Override public void onClose(CloseEvent<Window> event) { timer.cancel(); } }); } public static void cancelTimer() { if (timer != null) { System.out.println("cancel"); timer.cancel(); } } public static native void exportCancelTimer() /*-{ $wnd.cancelTimerFunction = $entry(@com.x.y.z.GWTProject::cancelTimer()); $wnd.onunload = $wnd.cancelTimerFunction; }-*/;


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