Any way to make bundle xcode project to include a static library xcode project?


I have a static library xcode project (.a) and a bundle xcode project (.bundle) I added the (.a) as a sub project of (.bundle) and added to [Target Dependencies] and [Link Binary With Libraries].

After run the bulid the (.bundle) still not contain any binary file inside (.bundle).

It's work if I add the .c and .h files to under (.bundle) directly, but that make me need to handle two project files. Any way can make (.bundle) just build with the (.a) ?

<a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9885569/how-to-organize-c-source-file-previously-compiled-by-gcc-make-and-build-them-int/9902919#9902919" rel="nofollow">This question</a> same as what I asked, I tried to follow his 11 steps without the step 10 because he said lastly no need that step. But the generated (.bundle) still without contain any binary


Finally, I make it work.

The step 10 still important and below is corrected step 10.

<ul><li>create a dummy.c under (.bundle) project and the dummy.c can just totally empty. remove the setting for the library you want to link inside Link Binary With Libraries instead use -Wl,-force_load,$(CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR)/libYourLib.a or -all_load to Other Linker Flags</li> </ul>

PS: And also can use sub-project instead of workspace. and use Target Dependencies instead of Edit Scheme to achieve the same effect.

<a href="https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B35_CT-6Bau1bzRILUVPUExhRjg/edit?usp=sharing" rel="nofollow">The testing project</a>


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