Fixed Header Scrollable Table - How to preserve horizontal scroll position using css jquery on page


I have a fixed header scrolling table with horizontal and vertical scroll bars, for which I can presently sort on each column <strong>but am unable to properly preserve horizontal position of the table when loading the page</strong>.

Using the following inline css I get scrollAmount from php from a hidden input whose value is from a jquery code and input it into the inline css

style="transform:translateX(<negative offset value of scrollAmount>)"

<strong>My question is how do I properly maintain scroll position for a table that overflows with a horizontal scroll bar using CSS and jQuery without waiting for the page to completely load / finish rendering?</strong>

<strong>Inline style</strong>


<strong>jQuery Scroll Position Function</strong>

function setScroll(id_header, id_table) { $('div.'+id_table).on("scroll", function(){ //activate when #center scrolls var left = $('div.'+ id_table).scrollLeft(); //save #center position to var left $('div.'+id_header).scrollLeft(left); //set #top to var left $('#scrollamount').val(left); });

<strong>Hidden Input HTML Code</strong>

<input type="hidden" id="scrollamount" name="scrollamount" value=<?=scrollAmount()?>"/>

<strong>PHP Code</strong>

function scrollAmount() { if (isset($_POST['scrollamount'])) return $_POST['scrollamount']; return ""; }


The problem is that .scrollLeft() will change every time you scroll, so you're simply setting it to where it's scrolled to. You could probably find the position of the table <a href="https://api.jquery.com/position/" rel="nofollow">with jQuery</a>, set that to a universal variable at the start, and then later use $('div.'+id_header).scrollLeft(globalLeftPosition) to set it. Hope this helps.


Using the following code, I was able to produce a visually acceptable solution that keeps the table horizontally offset by the user's scrolled amount.

<strong>JS Code - Executes on document.ready() when table has finished fetching/loading</strong>

//Translate 0px, undoing the original translation $('table#'+ id_table).attr("style", "transform:translateX(0px)"); $('table#'+ id_header).attr("style", "transform:translateX(0px)"); //Scroll left to the desired amount as defined in the hidden input `#scrollamount` $('div.'+ id_table).scrollLeft($('#scrollamount').val()); $('div.'+ id_header).scrollLeft($('#scrollamount').val());

<strong>HTML / PHP Code - Fixed Header Scrolling Table (Header and Table Body)</strong>

<div class="summary_header"> <table id="summary_header" border=1 style="transform:translateX(-<?=scrollAmount()?>px)"> ... <-----Table Header Definition </table> </div> <div class="summary_table" style="overflow-x:scroll"> <table id="summary_table" style="transform:translateX(-<?=scrollAmount()?>px)"> ... <--Table Body Definition </table> </div>


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