How to reformat CSV file to match proper CSV format


I have a web application that parse users uploaded csv files.

Some users upload csv files don't match proper csv format mentioned <a href="http://creativyst.com/Doc/Articles/CSV/CSV01.htm" rel="nofollow">here</a>

For example:

abc,hello mahmoud,this is" description, bad

This should be

abc,hello mahmoud,"this is"" description", bad

When I used ruby <strong>fastercsv</strong> library to parse the wrong csv, it <strong>fails</strong>. However, it <strong>success</strong> when I open the file by <strong>excel or openoffice</strong>.

Is there any ruby library can reformat the csv text to put it in a proper format?


From the <a href="http://fastercsv.rubyforge.org/" rel="nofollow">docs</a>:


What you don‘t want to do is feed FasterCSV invalid CSV. Because of the way the CSV format works, it‘s common for a parser to need to read until the end of the file to be sure a field is invalid. This eats a lot of time and memory.

Luckily, when working with invalid CSV, Ruby‘s built-in methods will almost always be superior in every way. For example, parsing non-quoted fields is as easy as:



This would give you an array. If you really want valid CSV (f.e. because you rescued the MalformedCSVError) then there is... fasterCSV!

require 'csv' str= %q{abc,hello mahmoud,this is" description, bad} puts str.split(',').to_csv #=> abc,hello mahmoud,"this is"" description", bad


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