Specific Part of Post for Specific User in Wordpress


I am developing a membership based website in wordpress where I installed S2Member plugin and I show a user a welcome page with some quick links. I am now stuck at the point where I want to show specific links for specific usernames. I installed a plugin named peter's login redirect that shows a specific login page to the user but it didn;t work for me as I am already using a S2 Member plugin.

Is there any other way to show a specific link/button/post-part for the specific user?


I think the easiest way is using a <a href="http://codex.wordpress.org/Shortcode_API" rel="nofollow">Shortcode</a>, you can detect the user name, user role or something else contained in the WP_User object:

<?php /** * Plugin Name: (SO) Welcome Shortcode */ add_shortcode( 'welcome', 'welcome_so_23702194' ); function welcome_so_23702194( $atts, $content = null ) { $user = get_userdata( get_current_user_id() ); if( !$user ) // Normal visitor, nor logged in return ''; # Use the following to inspect the object, and do at the end --> return $debug; // $debug = '<pre>' . print_r( $user, true ) . '</pre>'; if( 'brasofilo' == $user->data->user_login ) $output = "Hello, brasofilo!"; elseif( in_array( 'administrator', $user->roles ) ) $output = "Hello, admininstrator user"; else $output = ''; return $output; }

Then, in your Welcome page add the shortcode in the middle of the content [welcome].


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