Angular orderBy with date string


I'm attempting to order events in my web app by date (in this case 'start' date from my db). I'm running into issues where the dates aren't sorted properly. I believe they are sorting alphanumerically rather than by date because my 'start' field is a string. My question is, how to best convert this field to Date for proper ordering? Relevant code below:


<div ng-repeat="event in events | orderBy:'start'">{{event.city}}</div>

Angular Controller:

angular.module('MainCtrl', []).controller('MainController', function($scope, $routeParams, Events) { // pull empty event details from API based on routeParams to get all events $scope.id = ''; Events.get($scope.id).success(function(response) { $scope.events = response; }); });

Sample database object:

{ "_id": { "$oid": "54978d87ac1e3caaeee8452c" }, "event": "New Years Eve - Times Square", "city": "New York", "state": "New York", "date": "December 31, 2014", "start": "December 31, 2014", "end": "January 1, 2015", "radius": "400", "team_1": "", "team_2": "", "object_id": "10897094", "longitude": "-73.9848931", "latitude": "40.7591529", "photos": [] }


Turned out to be a very simple solution. I simply added the following code to my controller inside my Events.get:

for (var i = 0, max = response.length; i < max; i++) { $scope.events[i].start = new Date(response[i].start); }


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