Why is calling `import random; random.random()` throwing a TypeError?


I'm new to Python. I wrote a small script to generate ten random float values, but it keeps failing. Here's the script:

import random for i in range(10): x = random.random() print x

and here's the error message:

TypeError: 'module' object is not callable'.

I can't see what the problem is. I'm pretty sure random exists!

My version is Python 2.7.6.


If you save the following code into random.py:

import random print(__name__) print(random) print(random.random)

and run it then it prints something like:

random <module 'random' from '/.../python/import/name-shadowing/random.py'> <module 'random' from '/.../python/import/name-shadowing/random.py'> __main__ <module 'random' from '/.../python/import/name-shadowing/random.py'> <module 'random' from '/.../python/import/name-shadowing/random.py'>

i.e., both random and random.random refers to the same module -- your local random.py that shadows random module from the standard library.

Perhaps it works as follows:

<ol><li>python -mrandom finds random.py in the current directory, imports it as random and and starts to run it as __main__.</li> <li>It sees import random and imports the cached module.</li> <li>print(random) prints the representation of the module object to stdout.</li> <li>print(random.random) looks up random name in random module. It finds it (the name refers to the module itself. And it prints it.</li> </ol>

The solution is to avoid shadowing the names. Avoid shadowing the standard names for readability. And avoid shadowing 3rd-party names if you might use them in your code.

If the current directory is not in sys.path then it imports stdlib module:

import sys sys.path.pop(0) # assume the script directory is the first in the Python path import random print(__name__) print(random) print(random.random) <h3>Output</h3> __main__ <module 'random' from '/usr/lib/python3.4/random.py'> <built-in method random of Random object at 0x1aaf7f8>

Note: it is only for illustration. Avoid modifying sys.path in your scripts.


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