SQLite no such column from right side of nested inner join


I have three tables in a SQLite DB, Task, Project, and User, all associated with one another in that order. I would like to select ALL Tasks, and if the Project the Task is associated with has a User I would like to see both the User and the Project, otherwise I do not want the Project at all.

My first pass looked like

SELECT `Task`.`id` ,`Task`.`title` ,`Task`.`projectId` ,`Project`.`id` AS `Project.id` ,`Project`.`title` AS `Project.title` ,`Project`.`userId` AS `Project.userId` ,`Project.User`.`id` AS `Project.user.id` ,`Project.User`.`username` AS `Project.User.username` FROM `Task` AS `Task` LEFT OUTER JOIN `Project` AS `Project` ON `Task`.`projectId` = `project`.`id` INNER JOIN `User` AS `Project.User` ON `Project`.`userId` = `Project.User`.`id` AND `Project.User`.`username` = 'test01';

but the inner join "rippled" back up and I only got Tasks that had a Project with a User. Since I wanted to get all Tasks, I added some parenthesis and got

SELECT `Task`.`id` ,`Task`.`title` ,`Task`.`projectId` ,`Project`.`id` AS `Project.id` ,`Project`.`title` AS `Project.title` ,`Project`.`userId` AS `Project.userId` ,`Project.User`.`id` AS `Project.user.id` ,`Project.User`.`username` AS `Project.User.username` FROM `Task` AS `Task` LEFT OUTER JOIN (`Project` AS `Project` INNER JOIN `User` AS `Project.User` ON `Project`.`userId` = `Project.User`.`id` AND `Project.User`.`username` = 'test01' ) ON `Task`.`projectId` = `project`.`id`;

This works great if I omit the Project.User columns from the SELECT, but I want them as well. When I run this as is I get the following error

no such column: Project.User.id

It seems that adding the parentheses has in some way hidden the User table. Is there a way to get all the behavior I want from this statement?


ishmaelMakitla is right. By simply changing the name of the alias it all works

SELECT `Task`.`id` ,`Task`.`title` ,`Task`.`projectId` ,`Project`.`id` AS `Project.id` ,`Project`.`title` AS `Project.title` ,`Project`.`userId` AS `Project_UserId` ,`Project_User`.`id` AS `Project_User.id` ,`Project_User`.`username` AS `Project_User.username` FROM `Task` AS `Task` LEFT OUTER JOIN (`Project` AS `Project` INNER JOIN `User` AS `Project_User` ON `Project`.`userId` = `Project_User`.`id` AND `Project_User`.`username` = 'test01' ) ON `Task`.`projectId` = `project`.`id`;


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