Trouble on evaluating other model data


I am using Ruby on Rails 3.0.9 and RSpec 2. In my spec file I have code like the following:

describe User do let(:authorizations) { Authorization.all.map(&:name) } it "should have a 'registered' value" do authorizations.should include("registered") end end

When I run the above test I get:

User should have a 'registered' value Failure/Error: authorizations.should include("registered") expected [] to include "registered" Diff: @@ -1,2 +1,2 @@ -registered +[]

<strong>Is it possible to solve the above error\problem? If so, how can I do?</strong>


The above tells me that you have you all empty tables in your test database. You should either consider <a href="http://ryandaigle.com/articles/2009/5/13/what-s-new-in-edge-rails-database-seeding" rel="nofollow">seeding</a> your dev/test databases. (in case your consider Authorization to be a look up kind of entity)


using something a <a href="http://rpheath.com/posts/411-how-to-use-factory-girl-with-rspec" rel="nofollow">factory girl</a> to create some test data for yourself in the before block of your spec.


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