How to prevent storing of text coming after special characters — in arraylist in java


I am reading a pl/sql code from a text file and storing all words of it into array list from below code :

Scanner in1 = new Scanner(file1); ArrayList<String> Code1 = new ArrayList<String>(); in1.useDelimiter("/\\*[^*]*\\*+(?:[^/*][^*]*\\*+)*/|[\\p{javaWhitespace}\\.|,]+"); while (in1.hasNext()) { Code1.add(in1.next().toLowerCase()); }

Everything is working fine but i am facing issue whenever there is a comments section in code written in after special character -- Like below:

select * from Dummy_Table --This is a, dummy.table where id = 1 -- Filter.on, id

For above code i don't want to store the comments (--This is a, dummy.table) and (-- Filter.on, id) in my list.How can i do this ?


I am using above delimiter to skip reading comment section enclosed between /* and */, which is multiple line comments as written below but including this i also want to skip reading/storing the single statement comments i.e. after -- till the end of line.

/* || This is a comments section in pl/sql code...|| || Which i don't want to store.. || */


You can add part after -- till end of line in your regex like this:


<a href="https://regex101.com/r/gN3eJ9/1" rel="nofollow">RegEx Demo</a>


For removing inline comments, have you considered using the simple combination of indexOf() and substring()? Also, should you be using in1.nextLine() instead of in1.next()? For example:

while (in1.hasNext()) { String line = in1.nextLine(); int indexOfComment = line.indexOf("--"); if (indexOfComment > -1) { line = line.substring(0, indexOfComment); } Code1.add(line.toLowerCase()); }


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