Access XML nodes with integer names


For my application, I make an HTTPRequest, and get back some XML served from a JSP. That XML has some (yes, I'm aware this is invalid/improper XML. If I can't find a bandaid, I will try to address that internally) nodes with integers as names, say <2> for example.

When I attempt to access it, using myXMLVariable.child("2"), it returns the third (index=2) XML node instead. I understand that this behavior is <a href="http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/actionscript/3/XML.html#child%28%29" rel="nofollow">"correct"</a>. Is there any way to get around this behavior?

<hr />


var myXML:String = "<response>" + "<place1>" + " <item>1</item>" + " <stuff>1</stuff>" + "</place1>" + "<2>" + " <item>1</item>" + " <stuff>1</stuff>" + "</2>" + "<place3>" + " <item>1</item>" + " <stuff>1</stuff>" + "</place3>" + "</response>"; protected function getParam():void { var xml:XML = new XML(myXML); Alert.show(xml.child("2")); //trace(xml.child("2")) }

xml.child("2") returns

<place3> ... </place3>

...when I want

<2> ... </2> <hr />


<strong>I am aware this is invalid XML.</strong> I am looking for a workaround, a short term fix. There is a near-future release date, and this workaround will be removed and replaced with proper XML for the next version.


Use E4X search expression on XMLList.

trace(xml.children().(name() == "2").toXMLString()); <ol><li>Get all children</li> <li>Search for the name() you need.</li> </ol>


From the XML specification:

[Definition: A Name is an Nmtoken with a restricted set of initial characters.] Disallowed initial characters for Names include digits, diacritics, the full stop and the hyphen.

Your <2> tag does not have a valid name. You should not be surprised it doesn't work as expected.


If there is no way to get around working with invalid documents like this, I would probably use a RegExp to replace the invalid tags with valid ones, prior to processing the result:

public function replaceNumericalXMLTagNames( input:String ):String { var reg:RegExp = /(\<\/?)([0-9]+)(\>)/g; return input.replace( reg, function():String { return arguments[1]+"num"+arguments[2]+arguments[3]; } ) ); }


I think actionscript is 'helping' you. The param for .child is an object and I'll bet that actionscript sees a number and converts it and uses it as an index. If it were me I'd fix the XML. That's going to haunt you later.


If you want a short-term fix, change your non-XML with its non-standard tags to standard XML with proper named tags. Then you'll be able to use standard XML tools to manipulate it, and you'll get your code working far faster as a result.


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