How run shortcode before loading header.php in wordpress? [closed]


guys. I have some situation when my shortcode don't work correctly, if I add shortcode in header, because first of all load header.php and only after that load my shortcode. How can I run shortcode before loading header.php ? I try to use hoocks, but not find solution. Best regards.


If you want to run your code just before your header.php is loaded you can use the get_header hook:

function run_before_header( $name ) { do_shortcode... } add_action( 'get_header', 'run_before_header' );


You have a Widget in the Backend of your WP-Admin and the Widget is called: "my_specials" and you want to display this Widget in the header, right? OK; try doing something like this within the header.php:

<?php // FILENME: header.php ob_start(); dynamic_sidebar('my_specials'); $mySpecials = ob_get_clean(); // NOW YOU HAVE THE CONTENT OF THE 'my_specials' WIDGET IN THAT VARIABLE. // ANY YOU CAN NOW ECHO IT AT THE SECTION OF YOUR CHOOSING LIKE SO: echo $mySpecials

It is imagined that this is what you meant and also hoped that this might help a bit, though...

Good-Luck to you, Mate...


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