How to disable Skype and Lync telephony providers for Dynamics CRM completely


How can we <strong>disable the Skype and Lync providers completely</strong> from Dynamics CRM 2015 Online in either supported or unsupported way?

<strong>What I have tried so far:</strong><br /> - Created my own link on phone number fields<br /> - Tried to locate any jQuery event handlers attached to the element in the DOM<br /> - Assigned the blank event handler to <em>Mscrm.ReadFormUtilities.handlePhoneNumberClick</em> (Ref: <a href="http://crmtipoftheday.com/2014/05/15/how-to-block-click-to-call-in-crm/" rel="nofollow">http://crmtipoftheday.com/2014/05/15/how-to-block-click-to-call-in-crm/</a>)

Still when I click on the phone number the Dynamics create a blank page and activates an inline phone call record.

<a href="https://i.stack.imgur.com/szt09.png" rel="nofollow"><img alt="enter image description here" class="b-lazy" data-src="https://i.stack.imgur.com/szt09.png" data-original="https://i.stack.imgur.com/szt09.png" src="https://etrip.eimg.top/images/2019/05/07/timg.gif" /></a>

And when I run

frames[0].$('#telephone1 div span a').click();

from browser console, it doesn't create a blank page or an inline phone call record.

<strong>NOTE: This was not happening prior to CRM 2015 Update 1 or in Update 1 legacy form rendering.</strong>

Any ideas?


After debugging action.js, formcontrols.js and global.ashx and try hitting several times I caught the point in Mscrm API that was opening a new window for default telephony providers (Skype/Lync).

This script disabled the default telephony completely. Use with caution and test carefully before deploying to production environment as this is not supported.

Mscrm.ReadFormUtilities.openPhoneClient = function () { return; }


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