Firebase child_added event listener returning duplicate data


I am using Firebase child_added to watch for new entries being added to my database.

It seemed to work for a while but then I noticed some issues when leaving the connection idle. If I leave my app open for a prolonged period of time when Firebase returns duplicates. I think it maybe down to the connection being dropped and then established.

Here is my code.

getVoicemailList: function() { var self = this; var userId = firebase.auth().currentUser.uid; firebase.database().ref('voicemails/' + userId).on('child_added', function(snapshot) { var voicemail = snapshot.val(); self.addToCollection(voicemail.callerID, voicemail.timeReceived, voicemail.transcription, voicemail.audioURL); }); }, addToCollection: function(callerID, timeReceived, transcription, audioURL) { console.log(callerID) var collectionList = $('.collapsible').length; if(!collectionList) { $('#main-content').append('<ul class="collapsible" data-collapsible="accordion"></ul>') } var output = '<li>'; output += '<div class="collapsible-header"><i class="material-icons">filter_drama</i>'+callerID+'</div>'; output += '<div class="collapsible-body">'; output += '

<audio id="source" controls>'; output += '<source src="'+audioURL+'" type="audio/mpeg">'; output += '</audio>

'; output += '


'; output += '


'; output += '</div>'; output += '</li>'; $('.collapsible').append(output); $('.collapsible').collapsible(); },


If I understand your issue correctly, then it's something I've come across a few times. I believe the trick is to .empty() the existing data from within the .on call.

As an example, on my site we have goals that users can add. When they add a new <em>Goal</em> the .on call adds a new <em>Goal</em> to the bottom of their list.

I was having an issue where deleting a <em>Goal</em> would then duplicate the UI data.

In order to address the issue, I moved $(#goals").empty(); to within the .on call.

firebase.database().ref('users/' + user).on('value', function(snapshot) { $("#goals").empty(); // This removes all all previously added goals snapshot.forEach(function(data) { var id = data.key; var desc = data.val().desc; var url = data.val().url || "https://unsplash.it/400?image=" + getRandomNumber(); displayGoal(id,desc,url); }); // If you need to append anything after all the data has been added you can do it here. e.g. $("#goals").append("</div>"); });

I suspected that doing this would force all relevant UI items to reload but they don't. If I add a <em>Goal</em> it just pops up on the bottom of the list, if I remove a <em>Goal</em> the UI just removes the goal without any reloading or duplication.

So in your case you would add $('.collapsible').empty(); after the .on call and before var voicemail = snapshot.val();.

Note: Previously I would call $("#goals").empty() prior to the .on call.


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