Any low-level macro is defined to indentify iPhone OS w/o include any Apple header?


When compiling a vanilla iPhone project, any macro is defined to identify the platform is on iPhone OS, even when <em>no</em> header file is included?

TARGET_OS_MAC or TARGET_OS_IPHONE-like macros are not defined if no header is included.

So I am looking for macros defined at the similar level of __cplusplus , __GNUC__ , _MSC_VER ... etc.


gcc -x objective-c -E -dM /dev/null <ul><li>-E: Run preprocessor only</li> <li>-dM: Dump #define's.</li> <li>-: Read from source code stdin </li> <li>-x objective-c: Treat the source code as ObjC.</li> </ul>


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