Why does InternetExplorer Object become unresponsive?


I am attempting to login to a password protected site. I'm using the InternetExplorer Object in VBScript. Error lies after oIE.readystate value is read one time - that is, in my loop, it reads the oIE.readystate value one time, but upon the second time oIE.readystate value is attempting to be read, I get a "800A01CE" runtime error, stating "The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable:'oIE.readystate'"

This code worked fine in IE6; my company implimented new AD policy (not sure how/if that affects this at all) and we are now using IE7. Im not sure if IE7 is somehow blocking the process after oIE.readystate. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

<br />Notation: "-->" indicates that I am writing commentary about the output of the process directly after that particular line of code executes.

set oIe=wscript.createobject("InternetExplorer.Application", "IE_") oIe.navigate "www.google.com" do while oIe.readystate<>4 msgbox "oIE readystate: " & oIE.readystate ''#-->gets here one time and outputs "oIE readstate: 0" wscript.sleep 1000 msgbox "oIE readystate: " & oIE.readystate ''#-->errors out. loop msgbox "outside of oIE readystate: " & oIE.readystate ''#--->never gets here.


It might be the call to MsgBox that's fouling it up. Doing a MsgBox changes the focus from IE to the script interpreter, which might make IE paranoid that it's being hijacked or something. Change them to

WScript.Echo "oIE readystate: " & oIE.ReadyState

And run it from the command line using cscript myscript.vbs instead.


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