Html5 input pattern


I have this pattern .*?[a-z]([a-z])([a-z])([a-z]).*?(\s+)(\d+) from some online generator but it's not working.

I need pattern which allow:

"minimum 3 char length string, next single space, and next minimum 1 char integer" [abc 1] or the same but in different order "minimum 1 char integer, next single space, and next minimum 3 char length string" [3 gtf].



Try this one:


It either matches:

<ol><li>One or more digits (\d+), followed by a single whitespace (\s), followed by three or more word characters (\w{3,}) (this is [a-zA-Z0-9], you can replace this part with [a-zA-Z] if you'd like).</li> <li>Three or more word characters (this is [a-zA-Z0-9], you can replace this part with [a-zA-Z] if you'd like), followed by a single whitespace, followed by one or more digits.</li> </ol>

<a href="https://regex101.com/r/tG5nV8/3" rel="nofollow">Regex101</a>


The following expression should do what you describe:


Some notes:


The {3,} construct allows you to specify repetitions within a given range. In general, it's {min,max}, but you can leave out either min or (as here) max to have an open-ended range. You can also specify an exact number of repeats by specifying a single number, e.g. {99}.

</li> <li>

The expression is essentially two complete expressions switched with alternation. Regular expressions don't allow you to say "exactly these things, in any order".

</li> <li>

I've used [a-z] to match the characters in the non-numeric part, as this is what you did in your original example.

</li> </ol>


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