Maximum number of bind parameters in SQLAlchemy


I have a question about the maximum number of bind parameters that can be passed to a query I wish to execute using SQLAlchemy.

My query is a set of SELECT statements all grouped together via UNION (about 100+) and each select statement will be passed a different value. The reason why I need to do this via a UNION is that I am using the trigram matching operator % in Postgres (<a href="https://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.3/static/pgtrgm.html" rel="nofollow">https://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.3/static/pgtrgm.html</a>) so I can't combine the statements into one using IN.

SELECT col1, col2, col3 FROM TABLE where col3=:p1 AND col2 % :q1 UNION SELECT col1, col2, col3 FROM TABLE where col3=:p2 AND col2 % :q2 UNION SELECT col1, col2, col3 FROM TABLE where col3=:p3 AND col2 % :q3 UNION ...

etc. Is there a limit that would cause it to fail ? where the params are (p1,q1, p2,q2, p3, q3) etc.


I was able to achieve my goal by using a VALUES list in Postgresql:

SELECT col1, col2, col3 FROM TABLE a, VALUES(('x1','x2','x3'), ('y1','y2','y3'), ('z1','z2','z3')) AS t(col1, col2, col3) WHERE a.col1=t.col1 AND lower(a.col2) % t.name


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