DynamicDataDisplay zoom and tooltips on realtime charts with syncronous X axis


Some time ago I posted the <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/19787080/how-to-make-the-x-axis-shared-for-2-charts-in-wpf-in-d3" rel="nofollow">question</a> about synchronous charts. I found the solution here, but I still have some problems.

<ul><li>I need to zoom in and out on Y axis on StrokeChart to see my date. I don't know why, but the range doesn't change on next added point. Actually range is 0-1 on Y axis. It's strange, but I can live with that</li> <li>The second question is: how to configure zoom on chart area? I want it to zoom only Y axis when I scroll up/down.</li> <li>And last, but not least: How to make realtime tooltips on chart which is build using ObservableCollection? It can be done for EnumerableDataSource easy. you can check <a href="http://dynamicdatadisplay.codeplex.com/discussions/50842" rel="nofollow">this</a> and <a href="http://dynamicdatadisplay.codeplex.com/discussions/270138" rel="nofollow">this</a>. I tried to do thing described by user "Thecentury", but it doesn't work. I even added method AddMapping to ObservableCollection and rebuilt the library, but it still doesn't work. So I don't know what to do next.</li> </ul>

I appreciate for any help and advice. Thank you


Regarding <strong>zooming</strong> I think I managed to solve the problem.

In <strong>MouseNavigation.cs</strong> add new properties

// 2014-02-22 - MPEKALSKI - added property to make possible limiting on zoom on only one axis private bool? _zoomX; /// <summary> /// Property for allowing/disallowing for zoom along X axis. By default allowed (true). /// </summary> public bool zoomX { get { return _zoomX ?? true; } set { _zoomX = value; } } private bool? _zoomY; /// <summary> /// Property for allowing/disallowing for zoom along Y axis. By default allowed (true). /// </summary> public bool zoomY { get { return _zoomY ?? true; } set { _zoomY = value; } }

In the same class modify the method

private void MouseWheelZoom(Point mousePos, int wheelRotationDelta)

by substituting

Viewport.Visible = Viewport.Visible.Zoom(zoomTo, zoomSpeed);


// 2014-02-23 - MPEKALSKI - if we do not allow for change in Y // then keep the old value, by analogy for X Rect zoomedRect = Viewport.Visible.Zoom(zoomTo, zoomSpeed); if (zoomY == false) { zoomedRect.Y = Viewport.Visible.Y; zoomedRect.Height = Viewport.Visible.Height; } if (zoomX == false) { zoomedRect.X = Viewport.Visible.X; zoomedRect.Width = Viewport.Visible.Width; } Viewport.Visible = zoomedRect;

The use now is pretty straightforward given chartPlotter object just set properties zoomY or zoomX to false to prevent zooming along this axis.

chartPlotter2.MouseNavigation.zoomY = false;

I do not know is it the most optimal solution, but it works for me.


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