adapter.notifyDataSetChange() not working after called from onResume()


I am having a problem where when I call the adapter.notifyDataSetChange() to refresh the listActifity from the onResume() function, it doesn't seem to be working from any other functions from that activity afterwards.

I want the list(view) to refresh when the user clicks the back button(while on another screen) and returns to the window with the list. One of the things I noticed is that the notifyDataSetChange() works(from other functions) when I change one of the objects from the array list but not when I want to add or delete an object from the ArrayList. This has been working so far for me, but I would prefer not to have to requery the list every time.

@Override protected void onResume() { lightWeightDAO.open(); //db connection adapter.clear(); buckets = lightWeightDAO.getExerciseBucketsByWorkoutId(workout.getId()); adapter.addAll(buckets); adapter.notifyDataSetChanged(); super.onResume(); }

When I remove the notifyDataSetChange() from the onResume(), everything seems to work(just calling a simple notifyDataSetChange() after changing the arraylist).

Any idea why this is not working?


By using:

buckets = lightWeightDAO.getExerciseBucketsByWorkoutId(workout.getId()); adapter.addAll(buckets);

You have only <em>added</em> the contents of this new buckets to the adapter, you didn't <em>bind</em> the adapter to buckets. So this:

buckets.add(string); adapter.notifyDataSetChanged();

has no affect on the data inside the adapter. Also like I mentioned above in the comments, you can add to the adapter directly and it will call notifyDataSetChanged() for you. So simply replace everywhere you use the two lines above with:



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