Issue with scroll down in android Appium WebDriver


How can I scroll down for the element appearance in Appium WebDriver? We are using an emulator for automation.

Any suggestions/help would be appreciated.


This works

TouchAction action = new TouchAction(androidDriver); action.press(0, 500) .waitAction(200) .moveTo(0, 200) .release() .perform();

Just play with the coordinates to get the desidered swiping.


For that you can use scrollToExact() or scrollTo() functions of the <strong>AppiumDriver</strong>

AppiumDriver driver = new AppiumDriver();

to scroll when string contains "abc"


or for exact string "abc" appear you can use



You can use



driver.swipe(start.x, start.y, end.x, end.y, duration)

For reference : <a href="http://appium.io/slate/en/0.18.x/?ruby#automating-mobile-gestures" rel="nofollow">http://appium.io/slate/en/0.18.x/?ruby#automating-mobile-gestures</a>


Since scrollTo() and many more related methods are deprecated now with the latest version of appium(1.6.3). You can try the below line of code. It worked for me, hope it works for you as well......you can change the dimension as per your requirements.

Dimension dimensions = driver.manage().window().getSize(); //System.out.println("Dimension value = "+dimensions); Double screenHeightStart = dimensions.getHeight() * 0.5; //System.out.println("Screen Height start Value="+screenHeightStart); int scrollStart = screenHeightStart.intValue(); //System.out.println("Scroll Start Value="+scrollStart); Double screenHeightEnd = dimensions.getHeight() * 0.2; // System.out.println("Screen Height start End="+screenHeightEnd); int scrollEnd = screenHeightEnd.intValue(); //System.out.println("Scroll end Value="+scrollEnd); driver.swipe(0,scrollStart,0,scrollEnd,2000); sleep(3000);


Try using the below code to scroll till bottom: -

Dimension size= driver.manage().window().getSize(); int starty=(int)(size.height*0.80); int endy=(int)(size.height*0.20); int startx=size.width/2; driver.swipe(startx, starty, startx, endy, 3000);


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