plesk api shell access


i try create script to add new domain in plesk whit api, im write this script :

<packet version='1.4.2'> <domain> <add> <gen_setup> <name>domain.com</name> <client_id>1</client_id> <ip_address></ip_address> <status>0</status> </gen_setup> <hosting> <vrt_hst> <ftp_login>username</ftp_login> <ftp_password>password</ftp_password> <php>true</php> <ssi>true</ssi> <cgi>true</cgi> <php_safe_mode>false</php_safe_mode> <ip_address></ip_address> </vrt_hst> </hosting> </add> </domain> </packet>

The script add new domain bat not working ssh access, i need add shell access to this script. Thanks all


It depends on plesk/protocol version. Try to add <shell>/bin/bash</shell> in <vrt_hst>...</vrt_hst>

Next query works for Plesk 10/11:

<packet version=""> <webspace> <add> <gen_setup> <name>example.com</name> <owner-id>1</owner-id> <htype>vrt_hst</htype> <ip_address></ip_address> <status>0</status> </gen_setup> <hosting> <vrt_hst> <property> <name>shell</name> <value>/bin/bash</value> </property> <property> <name>ftp_login</name> <value>ftp16se4fdf0</value> </property> <property> <name>ftp_password</name> <value>qweqwe</value> </property> <ip_address></ip_address> </vrt_hst> </hosting> </add> </webspace> </packet>


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