Passing SQL operators to query through iReport Parameter


I am trying to create a report in iReport based on an oracle SQL query which deals with transactions. The actual tables involved are very lengthy and are not really relevant to the issue. I am trying to create a report that will return results when the transaction amounts meet 1 of the 3 following criteria:

<ul><li>between 1000.00 and 2499.99</li> <li>between 2500.00 and 9999.99</li> <li>>= 10000.00</li> </ul>

I am trying to create a single select list parameter where the person running the report can choose between one of the above specifications. Before I actually create the parameter I have been trying to test the query in SQL Developer. The line of the query where I am trying to implement this is:

alias.transaction_amount :amountRange

and my test input is "between 1000 and 9999". When that is hardcoded in the query, it works fine, but when I try and pass it in through this input I get an "Invalid Relational Operator" error.

Is there another way of doing this?


Try to use like this in query: <br /> select ... from table1 where transaction_amount $P!{paramReport}

From JasperReports Ultimate Guide:

$P{paramName} Syntax The parameters are used like normal java.sql.PreparedStatement parameters, using the following syntax: <queryString> <![CDATA[ SELECT * FROM Orders WHERE OrderID <= $P{MaxOrderID} ORDER BY ShipCountry ]]> </queryString> $P!{paramName} Syntax Sometimes it is useful to use parameters to dynamically modify portions of the SQL query or to pass the entire SQL query as a parameter to the report-filling routines. In such cases, the syntax differs a little, as shown in the following example. Notice the ! character: <queryString> <![CDATA[ SELECT * FROM $P!{MyTable} ORDER BY $P!{OrderByClause} ]]> </queryString>


After talking with some colleagues, we discovered a better solution to this problem, while I don't know if the method I was looking for is actually possible, this solution is much more intuitive.

alias.transaction_amount between (CASE WHEN $P{Range} = 0 THEN 1000.00 WHEN $P{Range} = 1 THEN 2500.00 ELSE 10000.00 END) and (CASE WHEN $P{Range} = 0 THEN 2499.99 WHEN $P{Range} = 1 THEN 9999.99 ELSE 9999999.99 END)

Using case statements with a switch parameter works perfectly, granted that if there's ever a transaction which is 1 billion dollars or greater they will be excluded but the maximum number can be adjusted as necessary.


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