Cast in List object


I have an interface A, class B inherits from interface A. I have a list of objects:

List<B> myB; List<A> myA;

I want to assign myB to myA but I get a error "Cannot implicit convert type 'B' to 'A':

myA = myB;

Please help me. Thanks.


You need to convert each element of the list. It cannot be automatically converted for you. Easiest would be Linq:

myA = myB.Cast<A>().ToList();

<strong>Update</strong>: This question: <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/833447/why-is-this-cast-not-possible" rel="nofollow">Why is this cast not possible?</a> discusses it in more detail.


It might help you: <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44942/cast-listint-to-liststring" rel="nofollow">Cast List<int> to List<string> in .NET 2.0</a>


IList<T> is not covariant, where as IEnumerable<T> is, you can do the following..

void Main() { IEnumerable<B> myB= new List<B>(); IEnumerable<A> myA = myB; } public interface A { } public class B :A { }

see this <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4034495/question-about-c-covariance" rel="nofollow">previous SO Question</a>


You need to make a way to convert between type A and type B.

There is no way to assign a list of one type to another, unless the type B is the same as type A.

You can use the Cast<T> operator for derived types:

class A {} class AA : A {} List<AA> aas = new List<AA> {new AA()}; List<A> bunchofA = aas.Cast<A>().ToList();

This only works when casting to less derived types (from descendant to ancestor). This won't work:

List<A> bunchofA = new List<A> {new A()}; List<AA> aas = bunchofA.Cast<AA>.ToList();

Because the compiler cannot know what to do to make the extra bits that AA has from A.

You can also, in a rather contrived way, use implicit conversion:

class A { } class B { public static implicit operator B(A a) { return new B(); } public static implicit operator A(B a) { return new A(); } } List<B> bs = new List<B>{new B()}; List<A> bunchOfA = bs.Select(b => (A)b).ToList();

This will work in either direction, but might cause confusion, so it is better to create explicit conversion methods and use those.


That is correct. List is a list of Apples and List is a list of .. err .. batmans! You cannot try to put one into the other.

Technically, you cannot refer to one as the other!


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