how to mock/stub a node.js module


I'm working on some code to run on RaspberryPi, and I'm using the Wiring-Pi node module. I have two problems

1) Wiring-Pi won't build on x86 platforms

2) Node-jasmine won't build on RaspberryPi

So, after playing around with a bunch of different ideas, I'm wondering if I'm best off to mock or stub the Wiring-Pi module when on x86 platforms, so I can run the tests.

Of course, my problem is that the file I'm testing includes the require statment

// getters.js var wpi = require('wiring-pi'); // getters.spec.js var get = require('../lib/getters.js');

Is there a way I can set-up the spec file so that the getters.js file doesn't load the wiring-pi module?


You can use this to control loading of the wiring-pi module:

var wpi = require('os').arch() === 'arm' ? require('wiring-pi') : {};

Jasmine compiles, installs and runs on the Pi. What error do you get?


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