Designing REST resource to support multiple methods which produces and consumes exactly the same mim


I have 3 methods in ProfileResource:

<pre class="lang-java prettyprint-override">@GET @Produces(MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON) public List<Profile> getAllProfiles() { return profileService.getAllProfiles(); } @GET @Path("{profileId}") @Produces(MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON) public Profile getProfile(@PathParam("profileId") String profileId) { return profileService.getProfile(profileId); } @GET @Produces(MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON) public Profile getProfileByName(@QueryParam("profileName") String profileName) { return profileService.getProfileByName(profileName); }

During server startup below error is thrown, since both getAllProfiles and getProfileByName methods are GET methods, both produce MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON and there is no Path difference b/n them.

<pre class="lang-none prettyprint-override">org.glassfish.jersey.server.model.ModelValidationException: Validation of the application resource model has failed during application initialization. [[FATAL] A resource model has ambiguous (sub-)resource method for HTTP method GET and input mime-types as defined by"@Consumes" and "@Produces" annotations at Java methods public restapi.model.Profile restapi.resources.ProfileResource.getProfileByName(java.lang.String) and public java.util.List restapi.resources.ProfileResource.getAllProfiles() at matching regular expression /profiles. These two methods produces and consumes exactly the same mime-types and therefore their invocation as a resource methods will always fail.; source='org.glassfish.jersey.server.model.RuntimeResource@4e1d247f'] at org.glassfish.jersey.server.ApplicationHandler.initialize(ApplicationHandler.java:555) ~[jersey-server-2.22.2.jar:na]

How to resolve this issue?


You have differentiate Both getAllProfiles() and getProfileByName() by providing difference paths to access them, unless that the server can not distinguish them. so that you will get below error.


A resource model has ambiguous (sub-)resource method for HTTP method GET


provide different paths for both of them, you can do that using @path() annotation.


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