Calabash android, as clicking a ListView?


I've been looking for the answer on the Internet, but could not find it. help me please. How to make pressing the list item in Calabash-Android?


Try this out

Add a definition to ruby step file.

Then /^I scroll to cell with "([^\"]*)" label and touch it$/ do |name| element="TextView text:'#{name}'" if !element_exists(element) wait_poll(:until_exists => "TextView text:'#{name}'", :timeout => WAIT_TIMEOUT) do performAction('scroll_down') end if element_exists(element) touch(element) sleep(STEP_PAUSE) else screenshot_and_raise "could not find the cell" end else touch(element) sleep(STEP_PAUSE) end end

and call it from feature file Then I scroll to cell with "cellMainLabel" label and touch it


The answer above looks a bit more fool proof than mine but I have been using the following quite happily:

spinner selection Then (/^I select spinner by id "(.*?)"$/) do |spinnerid| touch("spinner id:'#{spinnerid}'") end select an item in the damn spinner Then (/^I touch "(.*?)"$/) do |text| touch("TextView text:'#{text}'") end

it's two steps, first part will select the spinner via its id and then the second part selects the item in the spinner via the text you quoted.


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