Javascript DOMParser.parseFromString giving parse error


When doing this in console, why do I get a parse error?

TR = '<TR id=line1 class="myClass"><INPUT id=input1 type=hidden> <INPUT id=input2> <TD style="PADDING-LEFT: 20px" align=left> <IMG class=im border=0 src="images/img.gif"> Hello </TD><!-- comment --> <TD id=cell1 align=right></TD> <TD id=cell2 align=right></TD> <TD align=middle>&nbsp; </TD> <TD align=middle></TD></TR>'; parser = new DOMParser() xmlDocument = _parser.parseFromString(TR, "text/xml");


First problem (I assume it's not the one you're experiencing, rather that this code is erroneously copy-pasted): Your variable name is parser, not _parser.

Your main problem is that you're trying to parse HTML as XML, which will work <strong><em>IF</em></strong> your HTML is also valid XML. But yours isn't. Quote your attributes for a start. That's what

error on line 1 at column 8: AttValue: " or ' expected


After you do that, close your void elements. It's OK to leave off the trailing slash in HTML5, but not within the stricter rules of XML.


You create a new DOMParser() and assign it to a variable named parser:

parser = new DOMParser()

But then you reference an undeclared variable _parser on the next line:

xmlDocument = _parser.parseFromString(TR, "text/xml");

If you replace _parser with parser, the console error should go away.


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