Build Custom SSO with SAML


<strong>Updated:</strong> Thanks for responding on my post. I am very sorry, as of today these were the requirement details. However, I can elaborate more on what I understand. I some idea on WIF, where I can write my own STS, RP and publish policies.

Couple of queries here. Do we need to have an IdP and should we connect STS to IdP. if not, can we go without IdP. I will have to use claim base authentication and federated identity mgmt in the application.we do not depend on AD/LDAP integration.

Imp Requirements are in this way. 1) we allow customers to do self registration who are direct users of this portal-M and the other set of users come from partner-X where the company claims are verified using SAML Req/Resp to access the portal-M. 2) once the direct user or user-thru-partner-X enters the portal-M, he/she should get access to another portal-N of partner-Y sending SAML request in similar fashion.

I have provided as much as details I know, since I am new to this technology of SSO/FIdM

I would happy to provide more information, if needed

<strong>Original</strong> I have got a complex task to build a solution of externalized SSO with SAML that would be used by customers of different partners over web. the constraints are to build IdP/STS/Issuers/RP/Trusts/Policies with no open source or commercial product support choosing specific technology platforms such as Microsft or/and J2EE.

On top of these, IdP must have to use in house custom data store available on SQL Server and Oracle.

your ideas are appreciable and thanks in advance


So you want to implement a SAML stack without using any commercial or open source software?

That is a HUGE amount of work and you will need to spend a non-trivial amount of time getting your head around SAML.

In terms of a DB as your Identity repository, refer: <a href="https://github.com/thinktecture" rel="nofollow">Thinktecture IdentityServer</a>.

In terms of SAML stacks, refer: <a href="http://nzpcmad.blogspot.co.nz/2013/06/saml-saml-stack.html" rel="nofollow">SAML : A SAML stack </a>.


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