Multiple records to Google Charts


I would like to make a timeline from a SQL query with the help of Google Charts. I have used the following code to create the array, that encode to json. The problem is, that $table contains only the last record on the end of this code, but I have more than 1 record.

$rows = array(); $table = array(); $table['cols'] = array( array('id' => '', 'label' => 'Name', 'pattern' => '', 'type' => 'string'), array('id' => '', 'label' => 'Start', 'pattern' => '', 'type' => 'date'), array('id' => '', 'label' => 'End', 'pattern' => '', 'type' => 'date') ); while($r = mysql_fetch_assoc($results)) { $name=$r['Name']; $date=$r['Date']; $start=$r['start']; $end=$r['end']; $year=date("Y", strtotime($date)); $month=date("m", strtotime($date)); $day=date("d", strtotime($date)); $start_h=date("H", strtotime($start)); $start_min=date("i", strtotime($start)); $start_sec=date("s", strtotime($start)); $end_h=date("H", strtotime($end)); $end_min=date("i", strtotime($end)); $end_sec=date("s", strtotime($end)); $start_merged = "Date(".$year.",".$month.",".$day.",".$start_h.",".$start_min.",".$start_sec.")"; $end_merged = "Date(".$year.",".$month.",".$day.",".$end_h.",".$end_min.",".$end_sec.")"; $rows = array(); $temp = array(); $temp[] = array('v' => (string) $name); $temp[] = array('v' => (string) $start_merged); $temp[] = array('v' => (string) $end_merged); $rows[] = array('c' => $temp); } $table['rows'] = $rows;


You empty the array in which you collect the results in the middle of the loop:

$rows = array();

Move it outside.

Disclaimer: I haven't checked the rest of the code.

Note: judicious use of var_dump or print_r can quickly show you where the problem occours.


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