Scripting in Bash


I have a function in bash say parse which takes one argument and function name is f. My file to be processed is somewhat like

a@b@c@ a@d@e@g@ m@n@ t@

I want to give the output as

a@f(b)@f(c)@ a@f(d)@f(e)@f(g)@ m@f(n)@ t@

That is apply function f to all except the first. Any clues so how can I do this?


maybe this is what you want?

e.g. you have a script called sqr.sh:

kent$ cat sqr.sh #!/bin/bash echo $(($1*$1))

now you want to apply the function above on your input:

kent$ echo "foo@2@3@4@ 0@10@20@ x@"|awk -F'@' -v OFS=@ '{for(i=2;i<=NF;i++) if($i) "./sqr.sh "$i|getline $i; print}' foo@4@9@16@ 0@100@400@ x@


This should do it:

sed 's/@\([^@]*\)/@f(\1)/g'

If all the fields are single characters, you can simplify it a bit (say, using . rather than \([^@]*\)).


You could use sed:

sed -e 's/@\(.\)/@f(\1)/g'


awk 'BEGIN {OFS=FS="@"} {for (i=2; i<=NF-1; i++) $i="f("$i")"; print}'


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