get value of sibling in same div


I would like to do a certain kind of logic for every item with a given class (the code is reused that why i dont work with id): the items are within the same div everywhere:

<div id="mDiv> <input type="text" class = "class1> <input type="hidden"/> </div>

and the script is something like that:

$(".class1").val(calcDefaultDate()) function calcDefaultDate(){ var currDate = $(this).siblings('input[type=hidden]').val(); if (currDate == "") { return new Date(); } return currDate; }

The problem is that this way the $(this) is the Window instead of the element with class1, I am quite new to javascript so it might be something really easy but how should it be handled?



You are very close, You just need to pass the function reference like

$(".class1").val(calcDefaultDate); //Notice removed ()

When you use () one is calling function.

<a href="http://jsfiddle.net/satpalsingh/9koncuvz/" rel="nofollow"><strong>DEMO</strong></a>


You can try to give the element as an argument instead of trying to reach it with the this keyword:

$(".class1").val(calcDefaultDate($(".class1"))) function calcDefaultDate($element){ var currDate = element.siblings('input[type=hidden]').val(); if (currDate == "") { return new Date(); } return currDate; } <hr />

By the way, maybe you would prefer return new Date(+currDate); instead of return currDate;, this way the type of what your function returns is more consistent.


There need to be some change in implementation.

Do it like bellow

$(".class1").each(function(){ var currDate = $(this).siblings('input[type=hidden]').val(); if (currDate == "") { $(this).val(new Date()); } else $(this).val(currDate); });

<a href="http://jsfiddle.net/mkdskd/h9306qq5/2/" rel="nofollow"><strong>DEMO</strong></a>


Try passing the div as an argument to your function:

$(".class1").each(function() { $(this).val(calcDefaultDate($(this))); }); function calcDefaultDate(el) { var currDate = $(el).siblings('input[type=hidden]').val(); if (currDate == "") { return new Date(); } return currDate; }

Or apply the function to each element:

$(".class1").each(function() { updateDefaultDate($(this)); }); function updateDefaultDate(el) { var currDate = $(el).siblings('input[type=hidden]').val(); if (currDate == "") { currDate = new Date(); } el.val(currDate); }

Or pass all the elements to your function:

updateDefaultDate($(".class1")); function updateDefaultDate(elements) { $(elements).each(function() { var currDate = $(this).siblings('input[type=hidden]').val(); if (currDate == "") { currDate = new Date(); } $(this).val(currDate); }); }


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