Install SCIP on Eclipse


I am trying to make the SCIP work with Java/Windows 7. I have installed Eclipse Mars.

I am kind of new to the SCIP. I read through the installation procedure and try to install the SCIP. But I can't understand the installation procedure clearly. I downloaded <a href="http://scip.zib.de/download.php?fname=scipjni-3.2.1.win.x86_64.msvc.opt.spx.zip" rel="nofollow">this</a> library, and installed the .jar and the .dll like I am used to do, however there are very few examples online about SCIP in Java, and I can't import this correctly. Can anyone tell me how to install the SCIP or guide me to an example?

Thank you very much.


There was an issue with the file names in the JNI library. I fixed this issue and updated the library <a href="http://scip.zib.de/download.php?fname=scipjni-3.2.1.win.x86_64.msvc.opt.spx.zip" rel="nofollow">here</a>. Please note that you need to have a 64bit version of Java to run the SCIP-JNI.

Do the following steps to run the JniKnapsack example which you can find in

<scipdir>/interfaces/jni/examples/JniKnapsack/java/JniKnapsack.java <ol><li>copy the JniKnapsack.java into a new Java project</li> <li>add the scip.jar as an external JAR (<strong>Properties</strong> > <strong>Java Build Path</strong> > <strong>Add External Jars</strong>)</li> <li>put the libjscip*.{dll,lib} and libscip-3.2.1*.{dll,lib} next to the scip.jar or inside the main directory of your new project</li> <li>replace the line JniScipLibraryLoader.loadLibrary(); in JniKnapsack.java with System.loadLibrary("libjscip-0.1.mingw.x86_64.msvc.opt.spx");</li> </ol>

Now you should be able to run the program as an <strong>Java Application</strong>.


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