The recursive method which will determine whether or not two strings match. The matching process sho


the recursive method match(String x, String y) in the code below which will determine whether or not two strings match. The matching process should allow "wild cards". A '@' character will match with any other single character and a '*' character will match with 0 or more characters of any type.

So far this is what i got:

public static boolean match(String x, String y) { int len = x.length() < y.length() ? x.length() : y.length(); if (len == 0 && x.length() > 0) return false; else if (len == 0 && y.length() > 0) return true; for (int i = 0; i < len;) { int v1 = x.charAt(i); int v2 = y.charAt(i); if (v1 == v2) return match(x.substring(1, x.length()), y.substring(1, y.length())); else return false; } return false; }

Any help or direction will be highly appreciated.. More specifically how could i implement the Wildcard thing using recursion.


Take a look at this. A first idea, could be improved.

public static boolean match(String regex, String input) { return match(regex.toCharArray(), input.toCharArray(), regex.length() - 1, input.length() - 1); } private static boolean match(char[] regex, char[] input, int regexPosition, int inputPosition) { if (regexPosition < 0 || inputPosition < 0) { return false; } if (regexPosition == 0 && inputPosition == 0) { return true; } if (regex[regexPosition] == input[inputPosition] || regex[regexPosition] == '@') { return match(regex, input, regexPosition - 1, inputPosition - 1); } if (regex[regexPosition] == '*') { if (regex[regexPosition - 1] == '@') { /* @* => @ matter of taste. Sure there are counter examples. */ return match(regex, input, regexPosition - 2, inputPosition - 1); } final int newInputPosition = String.valueOf(input).lastIndexOf(regex[regexPosition - 1]); if (newInputPosition >= 0) { return match(regex, input, regexPosition - 1, newInputPosition); } } return false; }


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