Performing 'like' queries in Android Content Provider


I'm implementing a Content Provider on Android. I'd like my query to look for more than just exact matches--is there a way to specify a 'like' query in the content provider query method?

Current code. Note that mSearchString is a string the user provides--I'm currently using it to query the UserDictionary, and the only way it returns anything is if mSearchString exactly matches a word in the UserDictionary. I'd like to be able to match partial queries (for instance, if apple, aunt and practical are in the dictionary, I'd like to search for "a" and return them all).

mSelectionClause = UserDictionary.Words.WORD + " = ?"; // Moves the user's input string to the selection arguments. // Remember to add code here to check for invalid or malicious input. mSelectionArgs[0] = mSearchString; // Does a query against the table and returns a Cursor object Cursor mCursor = getContentResolver().query( UserDictionary.Words.CONTENT_URI, // The content URI of the words table mProjection, // The columns to return for each row mSelectionClause, // Either null, or the word the user entered mSelectionArgs, // Either empty, or the string the user entered mSortOrder);


I am using SQLiteDatabase (not using getContentResolver() and I don't know what it is), but I can search for words like a given pattern (named pattern) using this code, so since the syntax looks the same, I imagine it could work for you:

String whereClause = "word like ?"; String[] wildCardReplacements = {pattern}; cursor = database.query(TABLE_NAME, mColumns, whereClause, wildCardReplacements, null, null, null);

So if pattern contains %a%, I'd get "apple, aunt, and, practical" and lots of others.

In case it's not obvious, in your case, something like mSearchString = "%" + mSearchString + "%" would allow user to merely enter a (for example) and get the desired matches.

P.S. database is defined as an android.database.sqlite.SQLiteDatabase.


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