how to know which image button I click in datalist


I want to change imageurl which image button I click in datalist.So I must get a diffence propertie of imagebutton in datalist.My code is below;

<asp:DataList ID="datalistcevaplar" runat="server" Width="740px" OnItemCommand="datalistcevaplar_ItemCommand" > <ItemTemplate> <div class="divcvponay"> <asp:ImageButton ID="imgbtncevaponayla" runat="server" OnCommand="tiklanan" ImageUrl="~/resimler/cevaponaybeyaz.jpg"/> </div> </ItemTemplate> </asp:DataList>

and my cs.codes;

protected void datalistcevaplar_ItemCommand(object source, DataListCommandEventArgs e) { if (e.CommandName=="tiklanan") { } }

why it doesnt fire datalistcevaplar_ItemCommand event.And how do I get which imagebutton I clicked in datalist


If you just want a change your selected image url, first of all you must add CommandName your ImageButton element as a below.

<asp:ImageButton ID="imgbtncevaponayla" runat="server" CommandName="btnimgbtncevaponayla" ImageUrl="~/resimler/cevaponaybeyaz.jpg"/>

You find which button selected on your .aspx.cs file and you change that image url like that:

if (e.CommandName == "btnimgbtncevaponayla") { ImageButton btn = e.CommandSource as ImageButton; btn.ImageUrl = "~/resimler/different.jpg"; }


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