GUI layout with wxSizer, wxSashWindow


I'm trying to create a window which is splitted into 2, 3, 4 etcc different resizable views in mainwindow and I'd like to implement that with wxWidgets in C::B. Actually th canvas itself splits the windows in the requested numbers, but it doesn't place any sash alongn the border of views so that it's very diffciult to notice which view starts where and ends where.

I create everything on run time and I was planing to place the sash, or panels around borders of views and hoping to work in my case but the main frame is reluctant to place the panels, and sashwidnwos at the correct position and stops processing the OnSize event. That is previously working codes is not functioning properly if I add the below code with sizers and panels during resizing.

MainFrame *frame = new MainFrame(NULL, wxT("wxWidgets OSG Sample"), wxDefaultPosition, wxSize(width, height)); wxToolBar* toolbar = new wxToolBar(frame, wxID_ANY,wxDefaultPosition, wxDefaultSize, wxTB_HORIZONTAL); //wxSashLayoutWindow* win = new wxSashLayoutWindow(frame, ID_WINDOW_TOP,wxPoint(50,10), wxSize(200, 30), // wxSW_3D | wxCLIP_CHILDREN); wxBoxSizer* sizer = new wxBoxSizer(wxVERTICAL); wxPanel* panel = new wxPanel(frame, ID_TBbutton, wxPoint(300,0), wxSize(5,500)); panel->SetWindowStyle(wxDOUBLE_BORDER); // panel->SetStyle(wx_3D) wxPanel* panel1 = new wxPanel(frame, ID_TBbutton); sizer->Add( panel, 0, wxALL, 0 ); frame->SetSizer(sizer); frame->SetToolBar(toolbar);


Please find below very basic example of MDI form with <a href="http://docs.wxwidgets.org/stable/classwx_sash_layout_window.html" rel="nofollow">wxSashLayoutWindow</a>:

bool SashWindowTestApp::OnInit() { wxMDIParentFrame* mainFrame = new wxMDIParentFrame(NULL, ID_TEST_FRAME, wxT("Sash window test"), wxPoint(0, 0), wxSize(500, 400), wxDEFAULT_FRAME_STYLE); // top window wxSashLayoutWindow* topWindow = new wxSashLayoutWindow(mainFrame, ID_WINDOW_TOP, wxDefaultPosition, wxSize(200, 100), wxSW_3D); topWindow->SetDefaultSize(wxSize(1000, 100)); topWindow->SetAlignment(wxLAYOUT_TOP); topWindow->SetBackgroundColour(*wxGREEN); topWindow->SetSashVisible(wxSASH_BOTTOM, true); // bottom window wxSashLayoutWindow* bottomWindow = new wxSashLayoutWindow(mainFrame, ID_WINDOW_BOTTOM, wxDefaultPosition, wxSize(200, 200), wxSW_3D); bottomWindow->SetDefaultSize(wxSize(1000, 200)); bottomWindow->SetAlignment(wxLAYOUT_BOTTOM); bottomWindow->SetBackgroundColour(*wxYELLOW); bottomWindow->SetSashVisible(wxSASH_TOP, true); wxLayoutAlgorithm layout; layout.LayoutMDIFrame(mainFrame); mainFrame->Show(true); return true; }

In order to have a fully working sash window your frame has to react on <a href="http://docs.wxwidgets.org/stable/classwx_sash_event.html" rel="nofollow">EVT_SASH_DRAGGED</a>


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