UNION two tables in a subquery


I am trying to UNION two tables in a subquery, but apparently this is not allowed? A simplified version of my query is:

SELECT * FROM user, organization WHERE user.id NOT IN ( (SELECT distinct user_id FROM web_request) UNION (SELECT distinct user_id from user_milestone) ) AND user.organization_id = organization.id

My question is this: What is the best way to get around this shortcoming of MySQL?


SELECT u.*, o.* FROM `user` u INNER JOIN organization o ON u.organization_id = o.id WHERE u.id NOT IN( SELECT distinct user_id FROM web_request UNION SELECT distinct user_id from user_milestone )


Try this

SELECT * FROM USER u JOIN organization o ON u.organization_id = o.id WHERE u.uid NOT IN SELECT * ( ( SELECT DISTINCT user_id FROM web_request ) union ( SELECT DISTINCT user_id FROM user_milestone) ) AS t


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