get elements from list based on another list


I got two classes, like:

public class Person { public long Id { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } } public class Vampire { public long Id { get; set; } }

Then, I have two lists, a list of persons and a list of vampires. All vampires are persons.

What I need is two children lists of persons, infected and notInfected. I'm building the two lists with a for, but I know it's possible using linq or something.

Any help?


Something like this:

var vampireIds = new HashSet<long>(vampireList.Select(x => x.Id)); var infectedPersons = personList.Where(x => vampireIds.Contains(x.Id)); var regularPersons = personList.Where(x => !vampireIds.Contains(x.Id));


I would go with something like the following:

void Main() { var list = new List<Person>(){ new Person(){ Id = 1 }, new Vampire(){ Id = 2 } }; var infected = list.Where (x => x is Vampire); var notInfected = list.Except(infected); } public class Person { public long Id { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } } public class Vampire : Person { }


If only a person can be a Vapire, you could inherit Vampire from Person and then iterate through all persons and see if they are Vampires; if yes -> add to Vampire list, otherwise to non-Vampire list.


Try this:

var people = new List<Person> { new Person {Id = 1, Name = "John"}, new Person {Name = "Dave", Id = 2}, new Person {Id = 3, Name = "Sarah"} }; var vamps = new List<Vampire> {new Vampire {Id = 1}}; var theInfected = people.Where(p => vamps.Select(v => v.Id).Contains(p.Id)); var theAfraid = people.Except(theInfected); foreach (var person in theInfected) { System.Console.WriteLine(person.Name + " Is Infected!"); } foreach (var person in theAfraid) { System.Console.WriteLine(person.Name + " Is Afraid!"); }

Hope it's helpful.


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