creating before INSERT TRIGGER comparing values between two tables


I need help creating a before insert trigger, as i am new to TSQL. below are the two tables.

SALARY table:

CREATE TABLE SALARY ( StarName varchar(30) NOT NULL, MovieTitle varchar(30)NOT NULL, MovieYearMade numeric(4, 0) NOT NULL, Amount numeric(8, 0) NULL, PRIMARY KEY (MovieTitle,StarName,MovieYearMade), )


CREATE TABLE MOVIESTAR ( Name varchar(30) NOT NULL, Address varchar(20), City varchar(15) DEFAULT ('Palm Springs'), Gender char(1) NULL CHECK (Gender ='M' OR GENDER ='F'), BirthYear Numeric(4), PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED (Name) )

I want to create a trigger so when a new movie is added. It prevents adding SALARY.Amount if SALARY.MovieYearMade is before MOVIESTAR.BirthYear.

I am confused as how to define trigger, when I am comparing values in two tables i.e. SALARY and MOVIESTAR.



Are you looking for something like this?

CREATE TRIGGER tg_salary ON salary INSTEAD OF INSERT AS BEGIN INSERT INTO salary (StarName, MovieTitle, MovieYearMade, Amount) SELECT i.StarName, i.MovieTitle, i.MovieYearMade, CASE WHEN i.MovieYearMade < s.BirthYear THEN NULL ELSE i.Amount END FROM INSERTED i JOIN moviestar s ON i.StarName = s.Name END

Here is <strong><a href="http://sqlfiddle.com/#!3/caf99/1" rel="nofollow">SQLFiddle</a></strong> demo


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