insert into sorted array


I want to insert an element into the right place that order maintains in the sorted list. I allocated 2*n size for the array and filled the rest with 999 since they are not used currently.

ordered_insert(int number,int array[],int size){ int i=0; int temp1,temp2,index; while(eleman>array[i]){ i++;} //push the rest to right by one index=i; if(i<size){ temp1=array[i]; temp2= array[i+1]; array[i+1]=temp1; array[i+2]=temp2; i++; } array[index]=number; }

I couldn't figure out how to overwrite 999s or is there a better way instead?


In order to move all the latter array elements one step ahead, you will have to traverse the array backwards so that you do not over-write the elements.

Once you get the index,

int i = size; while ( i > index ) { array[i] = array[i-1]; i--; } array[i] = number; size++;


you can

memmove(&array[i+1], &array[i], (size - i) * sizeof array[i]);


The 999 trick is not needed; just record the number of used elements in size (and add appropriate boundary checks).


To push the rest of the array element's you should use a loop. Just be carfare you should start pushing from the last element otherwise you will assign the rest of elements with the same value

int i=size-1; // Not i=size (this is the size of the array not the last index) while (i>index){ array[i] = array[i-1]; i--; } array[i] = number;

about assigning the unused elements with 999 it's not required just define a key to remember the last element and use it instead of size, then when inserting a new element just check if you reached the size of the array.


// 1. initialise i (the 'hole' index) to the last element in the array // 2. if the preceeding array element is larger than the newValue // 3. move the preceeding element into the 'hole' at i, moving the hole up a position // 4. reverse through the array // 5. else put the newValue into the hole and we're done i = ARRAY_SIZE-1; while (i>0 && array[i-1]>newValue) { array[i] = array[i-1]; i--; } array[i] = newValue;


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