fullcalendar background events: background color not shown in Safari / Firefox / IE


I use the fullcalendar Scheduler add-on (<a href="http://fullcalendar.io/docs/scheduler/" rel="nofollow">http://fullcalendar.io/docs/scheduler/</a>) When I use the code below, this background event is not coloured silver in Safari / Firefox /IE (no color at all...). It shows the silver color perfectly in Chrome.

$('#calendar').fullCalendar({ events: [ { start: '2016-04-01 06:00', end: '2014-04-01 10:00', rendering: 'background', color: 'silver', resourceId: 1 } ]


How can I fix this issue?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards, Kim


You can set the <em>className</em> attribute of Events

events: [ { start: '2016-04-01 06:00', end: '2014-04-01 10:00', rendering: 'background', className: event_silver, resourceId: 1 }

and then in css:

.event_silver { background-color: silver; }

Kind regards, Romain


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