call a function in python script then check if condition


I have this function:

def ContentFunc(): storage = StringIO() c = pycurl.Curl() c.setopt(c.URL, url) c.setopt(c.WRITEFUNCTION, storage.write) c.perform() c.close() content = storage.getvalue() while True: ContentFunc() if "word" in content: out = open('/tmp/test', 'a+')

I want to append content from content = storage.getvalue(). But doesn't work.


NameError: name 'content' is not defined

Can you help me?


In your function

def ContentFunc(): ... content = storage.getvalue()

This defines content <em>within the scope of that function</em>. The function then ends, and that name (and the object assigned to it) is discarded. Instead, return from the function:

def ContentFunc(): ... return storage.getvalue()

and assign the name in the calling function:

content = ContentFunc()


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