SOLR DIH throwing error “unsupported type : class java.lang.String”


I'm trying to import a MS SQL field containing a PDF BLOB into SOLR and getting the following error:


Exception while processing: attachment document : SolrInputDocument(fields: []):org.apache.solr.handler.dataimport.DataImportHandlerException: java.lang.RuntimeException: unsupported type : class java.lang.String at org.apache.solr.handler.dataimport.DataImportHandlerException.wrapAndThrow(DataImportHandlerException.java:63) at org.apache.solr.handler.dataimport.EntityProcessorWrapper.nextRow(EntityProcessorWrapper.java:246) at org.apache.solr.handler.dataimport.DocBuilder.buildDocument(DocBuilder.java:476) at org.apache.solr.handler.dataimport.DocBuilder.buildDocument(DocBuilder.java:415) at org.apache.solr.handler.dataimport.DocBuilder.doFullDump(DocBuilder.java:330) at org.apache.solr.handler.dataimport.DocBuilder.execute(DocBuilder.java:232) at org.apache.solr.handler.dataimport.DataImporter.doFullImport(DataImporter.java:416) at org.apache.solr.handler.dataimport.DataImporter.runCmd(DataImporter.java:480) at org.apache.solr.handler.dataimport.DataImporter$1.run(DataImporter.java:461) Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: unsupported type : class java.lang.String


Here is the relevant part of my dataimport file:

<entity name="attachment" dataSource="dastream" processor="TikaEntityProcessor" dataField="items.CONTENTDATAFILE" format="text" <field column="content" name="body" /> </entity>

Anyone have any idea whats wrong? SOLR version is 4.10.3


The field, <em>CONTENTDATAFILE</em>, is probably null for the entity in question...


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