Google App Engine Require Indexes for tests


I just got bit by my functional tests not using the same settings as my dev_appserver. I currently run my dev_appserver (non-rel) with require_indexes.

How to I force my test bed to use the same setings?

I have tried using SetupIndexes but it did not "require" they be defined in my index.yaml. I did not have the setting correct and as a result i can do any query I want.


clz.testbed = Testbed() clz.testbed.activate() clz.testbed.init_memcache_stub() clz.testbed.init_taskqueue_stub() clz.testbed.init_urlfetch_stub() clz.testbed.init_datastore_v3_stub(use_sqlite=True, datastore_file=somepath) SetupIndexes('','') model.objects().filter(x=1, y=2.....) #will work regardless of index defined.

but when the query executes on the server i get the


NeedIndexError: This query requires a composite index that is not defined. You must update the index.yaml file in your application root. The following index is the minimum index required:



Try adding { "require_indexes" : True } as a keyword argument to init_datastore_v3_stub()

You can look through (and step through) the SDK code to see how that parameter is eventually passed into the datastore stub.


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