Render JSON objects through Django template-tag


I receive a dictionary of Django objects in a JSON format via AJAX in the template. Is there any possibility to render this dictionary through a Django template-tag? Can I call a Django template-tag from jQuery and transfer the object as a parameter to it?

The current solution is to tediously construct the html in jQuery:

$.ajax({ url: url, type: "POST", success: function(data) { var obj = $.parseJSON(data); $.each(obj, function() { data = this['fields']; post += "<p id='" + this['pk'] + "'>" + data['creator'] + data['created'] + data['body']; post += "depth: " + data['depth']; post += "<a name='" + this['pk'] + "' class='show_answers' href='" + show_url + "'>Show</a>"; post += "<a name='" + this['pk'] + "' href='" + answer_url + "'>Answer</a>

"; post += "<div id='" + this['pk'] + "_div'></div>"; }); $('#' + div_id).html(post); }, crossDomain: false });


Templatetags are server-side, so no, you cannot use django's templating to handle the result of an Ajax request - not directly at least. Possible solutions :


you can eventually write a view that would take your json data and returns formatted html, but that's going to be a bit on the heavy side.

</li> <li>

if the json comes from your own application, you could return an html fragment instead of json.

</li> <li>

if the json comes from another site, you could also have a view in your app doing the request and returning a formatted html fragment from the json (then you'd post to this view).

</li> <li>

finally if you're app is heavy on ajax/json stuff, you may want to use some js templating framework or something like angular.js

</li> </ul>


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