Facebook Error (#200) The user hasn't authorized the application to perform this action

I have the following:

// my facebook page var pageId = facebookPageId; var app = new FacebookClient(); dynamic fbResult = app.Get("oauth/access_token", new { client_id = facebookAppId, client_secret = facebookAppSecret, grant_type = "client_credentials" }); app.AccessToken = fbResult.access_token; dynamic messagePost = new ExpandoObject(); messagePost.access_token = app.AccessToken; messagePost.link = "www.google.com"; messagePost.name = "some name"; messagePost.caption = "{test actor} " + "Test message"; //<---{*actor*} is the user (i.e.: Aaron) messagePost.description = "Test description"; try { var result = app.Post("/" + pageId + "/feed", messagePost); } catch (FacebookOAuthException ex) { var test = ex; } catch (FacebookApiException ex) { var test = ex; }

Yet I always get (#200) The user hasn't authorized the application to perform this action as a result. What am I doing wrong? It's a page that I own - but I don't see how to go about granting POST permissions to my app.


The user needs publish_actions permissions. Implement a login dialog for the user to grant publish_actions

You are using an application access token.


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