jqGrid - event on grid initialization

I'm using jquery jqGrid plugin and I need to fire event on grid initialization. I tested gridComplete and loadComplete events, but these events raised after every server request. I need an event that raise <strong>just once and after initialization of the grid</strong>. I read jqGrid events list, but I don't see any related event to my requirement. Is there any way? Thanks for your attention.


Thanks to @Oleg for his answer. I'm using jqGrid 4.6 and used @Oleg's suggested events with this pattern:

$('#grid1').jqGrid('setGridParam', { onSelectRow: function(id) { //This event raised without problem. }, onInitGrid: function(){ //This event does not raised. }, jqGridInitGrid: function(){ //This event does not raised. }, });

But this is not working. What is the correct way to use these two events?


If I understand your requirements correctly the jQuery event jqGridInitGrid or onInitGrid callback is what you need. It's the first events/callbacks which will be called once during creating the grid after the outer part of jqGrid will be constructed and before the first filling of jqGrid with data. The event/callback can be used in jqGrid 4.6/4.7

The new version of free jqGrid, which I'm developing now, contains additionally beforeInitGrid callback and jqGridBeforeInitGrid event. The callback/event will be called <strong>before</strong> jqGrid start processing of input parameters. So it's possible for example make any modification of the parameter. You can for example modify/generate colModel based on the input data.

So the best choice of the callbacks/events depend on at what moment of initialization you need to do some changes and from which version of jqGrid you use.


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