jQuery on select show div

i have one question about jQuery. If user select "Presmerovanie" with value "0" in html select with id "typ" i want to show div with id "pres" . Here is the code:

<dl> <dt><label for="typ">Typ</label></dt> <dd> <select id="typ" size="1"> <option value="1">Normálna</option> <option value="0">Presmerovanie</option> </select> </dd> </dl> <!-- Len ak je presmerovatelna --> <div id="pres" style="display: none;"> <dl> <dt><label for="presmerovat">Presmerovat na</label></dt> <dd> <select id="presmerovat" size="1"> <option>Category 1</option> <option>Category 2</option> </select> </dd> </dl> </div> <!-- Koniec ak je presmerovatelna -->

is it possible?


$("#typ").on("change", function() { $("#pres").hide(); if ( $(this).val() == '0' ) { $("#pres").show(); } });​



To make it flexible you can add data attributes to the drop down items:

<select id="typ" size="1"> <option value="1" data-rel="norm">Normálna</option> <option value="0" data-rel="pres">Presmerovanie</option> </select>

Then bind the change event and handle the selection:

$(document).ready(function() { $("#typ").on("change", function() { $(this).find("option").each(function() { var rel = $(this).data("rel"); if (rel && rel.length > 0) { var obj = $("#" + rel); if ($(this).is(":selected")) obj.show(); else obj.hide(); } }); }); //show initial item: $("#typ").change(); });​

This will show only the related element of the selected item and hide all others.

Live test case.


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