How do I change the build variant for a library dependency module?

I have a 'mobile' module that depends on a 'core' module, and I keep getting the same inconsistent error:


debug { buildConfigField "String", "URL_SEARCH", "\"https://mobile.debug\"" } release { buildConfigField "String", "URL_SEARCH", "\"https://mobile.release\"" }


debug { buildConfigField "String", "URL_SEARCH", "\"https://core.debug\"" } release { buildConfigField "String", "URL_SEARCH", "\"https://core.release\"" }

Whenever I set my variants to be mobile debug + core debug, I still get the same output inside my core.MyApplication.java file: 'https://core.release':

<img src="https://i.stack.imgur.com/iPdl1.png" alt="mobile+core in debug variant">


Whenever your modules imports another dependency-module, the dependency-module uses it's 'release' variant.

See: BuildConfig.DEBUG always false when building library projects with gradle

The solution for this is to use your com.main.module.BuildConfig.DEBUG variables, and not your com.dependency-module.BuildConfig.DEBUG...cause this debug will always be false.


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